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Comic Market 100 New Releases

New Releases from Comiket 100. We will be updating this list as we get more translated works out! 

Author: Shayo
Hello everyone, My name is Shayo. It's good to have official localizations off my work. I hope you will all enjoy it! Here are my socials: Twitter Pixiv..
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Author: Akari Blast!
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Author: Fujiyama
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Author: Miyamoto Issa
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Author: Puuzaki Puuna
Artist Statement:Nice to meet you all! My name is Puuzaki Puuna. I'm an illustrator and a mangaka.Thanks to all of your support, I was able to create a figure of Miyuki, from "The Shy Snow Woman and the Cursed Ring". I'm working on the sequel so please look forward to it! You can keep up t..
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