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Maemuki na Doemu

Puppy Play With Papa

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Inubo's a hardworking dad doing his best to make his son proud, but he makes constant blunders at his job and his timid personality leads to him getting walked all over. When his boss puts the pressure on him to make a big sale with a client, Inubo's associate - a steely-eyed, cutthroat salesman named Nekoyanagi - wants to find out just how far he's willing to go to close a deal. 

Artist Statement:

Nice to meet you! I'm Maemuki na Doemu.
This is a story about an earnest papa who gets tangled up in some very erotic situations.
I'm really excited to see the response from readers of a totally different culture.
I hope you enjoy the manga!

Pages: 43

Japanese Title:  

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