What is Irodori Comics?

Irodori Comics localizes and publishes Japanese doujinshi for Western fans to enjoy. Doujinshi are self-published "indie" works, and as such, we work directly with artists in order to produce localizations that are true to their original vision. This means translated, hand-drawn sound effects that feel organic to the original artwork; and in the case of erotic works, removal of digital censorship for that complete experience. By doing so, we hope to expand Japanese doujinshi artists' reach by providing their fans in the West an opportunity to support them directly whilst promoting the collaborative spirit of doujinshi culture across the world!

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1) Read it first right here!

Our digital doujinshi will first release on the Irodori Comics Store before being distributed on third-party platforms. If you want to read it first, this is the place to do it! 

In our mission to export "Japanese Doujinshi Culture", we will be experimenting with different things on our website. We hope you're excited for the things to come! Make sure to follow our Twitter and subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with the latest info! 

2) If you buy it, you own it.

All our digital doujinshi works are DRM-Free and can be downloaded for you to keep. The files will be available in high quality PDF format of 3200 pixels height or 2400 pixels height.*

* Certain files may have a lower pixel height due to the quality of the original files sent by the artists.