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Big Sis Loves Nobody Else But You - Playing Bride

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It's the summer solstice and Maria is spending time with the twins to help them with their homework. After discovering that it's actually Maria's birthday, Haruki and Itsuki decide to promise to do whatever she likes as their gift to her. So when she says that she wants to get married to the both of them right away, the two soon realize that Maria wants more than just the pomp and pageantry of a makeshift wedding...

Date/Convention: COMIC1☆13

Pages: 26

Japanese Title:  お姉ちゃん、君達の事しか愛せない/お嫁さんごっこ編

*All characters depicted herein are 18 years old or older, notwithstanding creative liberties on the part of the artist that may suggest otherwise.

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