Rika's Sex Den - The Life of a Runaway Freeloader – IRODORI COMICS

Abe Inori

Rika's Sex Den - The Life of a Runaway Freeloader

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After cutting ties with her Mother Rika didn't know how she would be able to find a place to stay on her own. She never dreamed of finding anything like the new studio apartment she has, close to the train station; even better it costs her nothing in rent. For a young woman on her own, such an arrangement could only mean one thing, though, and she keeps her rent-free life through making her place into a sex den with the help of her older landlord. Sometimes the other tenants even come calling. Tonight, a few decide to visit all at once. Just another day for Rika and her new life.

Date/Convention: COMIC1★13

Pages: 27

Japanese Title: 

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