The Demon's Kiss – IRODORI COMICS

Takatsuki Shuuya

The Demon's Kiss

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Mitsuru Sakura can’t catch a break. His grades are lousy, he’s never had a girlfriend, and his crush won’t give him the time of day — not to mention the busty demon hanging over his shoulder, waiting to devour his soul. Frustrated in more ways than one, Mitsuru lashes out, but that misguided move means that he’s about to find out just what it means to piss off a demon...

Date/Convention: C93

Pages: 27

Japanese Title:  あくまの口づけ~放課後のお仕置きタイム~

*All characters depicted herein are 18 years old or older, notwithstanding creative liberties on the part of the artist that may suggest otherwise.

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