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Crazy for You 1
Irodori Sakura
Artist: Me
Tatsuharu and Ryuujin, half-brothers and children of the Hakamada crime family, grew up extremely close. But when they were both seven years old, Ryuujin's mother encouraged him to shoot Tatsuharu's mother dead as they attempted to flee the family. From that time on, Tatsuharu's hate for Ryuujin and..
Ex Tax:$12.25
Evanescent 1
Irodori Sakura
Artist: Me
This Omegaverse centers around Verge, an Alpha born to a weapons company, and Bishop, an Omega who develops weapons. When Verge heads out to recruit Bishop into the Chains’ weapons company, what happens when Verge encounters a strong Omega scent?Artist Statement: Hi everyone, this is Me. I am e..
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Evanescent 2
Irodori Sakura
Artist: Me
This volume tells Bishop's side of the story in meeting Verge. More is revealed about Bishop, including a bit of his past and constitution. Having red eyes grants the person special powers, but it comes with a catch.....
Ex Tax:$7.95
Evanescent 3
Irodori Sakura
Artist: Me
Bishop finally visits Verge in his home country. It's been three lonely months since they last met and both of them have a lot of things to tell each other. How will the fated pair act when they're alone together?..
Ex Tax:$10.95
Evanescent 4
Irodori Sakura
Artist: Me
Bishop continues to explore London with Verge and finally gets to visit Verge's place. While Bishop is enjoying his time with Verge, things are stirring up back at the Harken residence.....
Ex Tax:$8.95
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