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About Us

Irodori Comics localizes and publishes Japanese doujinshi for Western fans to enjoy. Doujinshi are self-published "indie" manga, and as such, we work directly with artists in order to produce localizations that are true to their original vision. By doing so, we hope to expand Japanese doujinshi artists' reach by providing their fans in the West an opportunity to support them directly whilst promoting the collaborative spirit of doujinshi culture across the world!

Merits of buying from the Irodori Comics Store

Read it first right here!

Our digital doujinshi will first release on Irodori Comics Store before being distributed on third-party platforms. If you want to read it first, this is the place to do it! In our mission to export "Japanese Doujinshi Culture", we will be experimenting with different things on our website. We hope you're excited for the things to come! Make sure to follow our Twitter and subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with the latest info!

If you buy it, you own it.

All our digital doujinshi works are DRM-free and can be downloaded for you to keep. The files will be available in high-quality PDF format at 3200 pixels height.*
* Final pixel height may vary depending on quality of original files sent by the artists.

What are Doujinshi?

Doujinshi are self-published works by Japanese manga artists. Although commonly mistaken for short parody or adult-oriented (hentai) works, doujinshi are actually more than just that and serve as both a creative outlet and a significant means of financial income for manga artists. Unlike serialized works that are licensed under a commercial publisher, doujinshi are produced and funded by the artists themselves.
As a small doujinshi publisher, Irodori Comics is able to collaborate directly with artists in order to minimize localization costs whilst prioritizing the royalty they receive for each work sold. In doing so, we hope to reassure fans that each purchase goes a long way in supporting the artists they love directly.

Why are doujinshi more expensive than manga?

Doujinshi are self-published works by manga artists. Unlike serialized works that are licensed by a major publisher, doujinshi are produced in smaller numbers because tasks that would have been handled by a large publishing company are often handled by just the manga artist themselves. as a result, all costs for publishing fall to the artist, who often only recoups the costs if the doujinshi sells well at conventions. Despite the risks involved, doujinshi still make up a significant proportion of a manga artist's income. In fact, many continue to do it not only for the money, but for the joy of experimenting with ideas they otherwise would not have tried in commercial works since they aren't working under the supervision of a publishing company's editor. It is, in every sense of the word, a passion project.
And because of the significant amount of work involved, coupled with the inherent risks of publishing on one's own, doujinshi tend to be much shorter and sell for a significantly higher price compared to commercial manga, often ranging from about $5 to $10 for a 30-page work. But despite this, doujinshi tend to be more unique, innovative, and personal. Doujinshi also serve as a means for artists to connect with their fans as seen in the afterword messages that are included with each release. It is for this reason that, despite the price, doujinshi are cherished by manga fans in Japan and are considered one of the best ways to support a manga artist.

Irodori Labels

We strive to bring out Doujinshi for Everybody. In line with that vision, we've established four labels under the Irodori Comics brand to publish and deliver the doujinshi that you, the fans, want to read.

Irodori Comics: Doujinshi for Everybody.

Our main line of erotic doujinshi featuring uncensored English localizations of impeccable quality. Enjoy a wide range of over 300 titles by our growing roster of over 100 doujinshi artists. No matter you preference, we have a doujinshi just for you.

Irodori Aqua: All-ages Doujinshi for Everybody.

Because there's more to doujinshi than just hentai. Irodori Aqua is our all-ages line featuring some of the biggest names in the doujinshi scene!

Irodori Sakura: BL and Yuri Doujinshi for Everybody.

Can't get enough of BL and Yuri? We've got you covered. Irodori Sakura features our growing list of amazing BL, Yuri, and LGBTQ+ works!

Irodori Citron: Doujinshi pour tout le monde.

Partager la culture du doujinshi autour du monde implique de les proposer dans d'autres langues que l'anglais. Irodori Citron est le nom de notre collection en français et bien que nous n'ayons publié que quelques titres jusqu'ici, nous projetons d'en publier de nombreux autres très prochainement !