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Winter Break With My Girlfriend and Our Master 3

* The contents of this work is a work of fiction. All characters depicted herein are at least 18 years of age despite creative liberties on the part of the author that may suggest otherwise. This work is not intended for sale to minors.
Winter Break With My Girlfriend and Our Master 3
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Winter Break With My Girlfriend and Our Master 3
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Maika and Sho’s kinky winter break comes to an end. Once Maika returns from her vacation with their Master the couple will have to return to their normal lives… But can they?


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Winter Break With My Girlfriend and Our Master
Maika agrees with her boyfriend to sign up for a N.T.R. relationship with a dominant. From now to the end of winter break, the couple will have to lis..
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Winter Break With My Girlfriend and Our Master 2
The couple’s winter break with their Dominant continue! Maika isn’t just submissive towards her Master… She’s becoming increasingly mean and teasing t..
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Office Lady Boobie Bonanza
SALE! Irodori Sakura
Aoi is devastated when she's unable to get her lover Maika a birthday present because of her busy week at work, and offers to make up for it the only ..
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It's been a year since the main character and his girlfriend, Serika, have started going out. But because of his timidness, they just can't seem to ta..
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My bunny maid has been getting insubordinate lately. She started wearing revealing clothing while working, and she keeps giving me an erotic look. Wha..
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A voluptuous teacher "educates" her son after he uses an app on her to satisfy his sexual desires...
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Un amant à louer (FRENCH)
Irodori Citron
Sexuellement frustrée et particulièrement chaude, Mme Ayano décide de se payer les services d’un escort boy pour se faire tringler bien correctement. ..
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Ma proprio est une succube (FRENCH)
Irodori Citron
*This work is in French. For the English version, click here.Synopsis : Jeune étudiant vivant seul dans un complexe d'appartements, Tajima e..
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Takumi's got the chance to confess his feelings for Chinami on a field trip. However, a wild bunch of fellow students makes it difficult to find the r..
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上司的女兒 (CHINESE)
Irodori Feng-Li
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When Yuu’s distant (and attractive!) relative Amane moves in with his family, things between the two of them couldn’t be more awkward. But Yuu is dete..
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Kuro and Me
Irodori Sakura
Poor lovesick Natsu has been crushing hard on a male coworker of his for ages now, but he knows it isn’t meant to be. If he didn’t already feel like t..
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敗給鬼娘的冒險者被綁架後強制造小孩的故事 (CHINESE)
Irodori Feng-Li
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Massage Orgasmique (FRENCH)
Irodori Citron Coming Soon!
Hana Otonashi, 26 ans, est une employée de bureau docile et gentille. Mais un soir, alcoolisée et à bout de forces, elle décide de s’offrir une séance..
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