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If I Was a Bad Girl: A Mao IF Story

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This is an alternate reality scenario where Mao never met her boyfriend, Fumino. Without a dependable man in her life to help her release her overbearing sexual urges, the oni girl is forced to seek satisfaction in other ways. How will things play out?

Artist Statement:

The previous story "Would You Still Love Me If I Was a Bad Girl?" was about "Finding someone who will accept you for who you are".

This story is about an alternate story where Mao is shunned for who she is and goes down a different path.

Fumino-Kun does not appear in this story. Fumino-Kun's very existence changed the course of Mao's destiny.

This is a "IF" story that is different to my usual flavor of story telling. But I hope you enjoy it!


Date/Convention: C96

Pages: 35

Japanese Title: 
M.M.X. MaoManiaX #01

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