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Author: Ayakase Chiyoko
Taka has been so busy having sex that he hasn't had time to study. Thankfully, his sister's horny friends are there to help...
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Author: Fujoujoshi
Far away in a cold land lived people who worshiped a woman known as the ice saint. Admired by her male followers for her huge breasts and shapely figure, legend says that she will awaken from her two-hundred year slumber if a crisis befalls their country. However, her chastity may be in crisis long ..
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Author: Crimson
After taking hours of sexual torture at the hands of Sonoko Kaga and her cohorts like a champ, the drugged-up and warmed-up Miku Usami is dropped straight into the lap of Onigawara, the lecherous advertising agency CEO. But what saved her from a legion of angry lesbians might not be so effective aga..
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In the third chapter of the Chōko series, we learn how she went from being a simple fetishist to a promiscuous cumdumpster...
Ex Tax:$8.95
Everyone in the neighborhood knows about Kazuyoshi's young, attractive, and busty mother, but having a single parent isn't all roses as both of them have to work several jobs to pay the bills. That's why he doesn't question what she gets up to on those long nights she spends out of the house - until..
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Author: Ichinomiya Yuu
Mako falls ill on a date with her boyfriend, who takes her to a nearby clinic. But Mako was not prepared for how "thorough" her check-up was going to be!..
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Author: NTRobo
Tomoe is asked by her husband to sleep with another man. The situation escalates as she enjoys the sex a little too much, while her husband gets off on the thrill of losing his wife to a stranger's cock!..
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Author: Junshain Inoue
Jun thought he'd scored a lucky win when he managed to successfully pick up a buxom beauty outside of a coffee shop, but he had no idea that he was walking right into the jaws of a lustful nympho who wants to eat him whole. Yet despite - or perhaps because of - the intensity of his experience, he ju..
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Author: Maimu Maimu
Yuki is keeping a naughty secret from his girlfriend. While she's busy with extracurricular activities, he's giving her mom a good pounding!Artist Statement:Hello everyone. I draw thicc, lewd housewives. I hope you enjoy my work...
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Author: Kiyose Kaoru
Hiiragi, a futanari girl in the swimming club loves being gangbanged by the members. But her one concern is that she can cum with her pussy, but not her cock!..
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