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The Girls Next Door are Insatiable! (Physical Book)
New! Physical Book
Artist: Ayakase Chiyoko
How can a guy concentrate on his studies when the three sexually frustrated  girls next door can't keep their hands off of him!?For the Digital Version click here. ※ The product thumbnail is a 3D render and does not represent the finish or thickness of the final product...
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The Everlasting Elf of the Evening 1 ~Lucid Dreams~ (Physical Book)
New! Physical Book
Artist: Usagi Nagomu
Long ago, a high elf princess was banished to the "Forest of Lucid Dreams". A scholar ventures deep into this forest and is met with the princess herself.For the Digital Version click here. ※ The product thumbnail is a 3D render and does not represent the finish or thickness of the final p..
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Artist: Ootori Mahiro
Viola is worried about the dwindling passion between her and Hidetada, going to Professor Horn and Cello for advice...
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My Father-in-Law (Physical Book)
New! Physical Book
Artist: Sakana Noko
Seichi's a hard-ass of a father. He adores his daughter, Chiyo. So much so, he lacks the ability to explain things and denies himself the better things in life. When he tries to tell Chiyo she can't date her boyfriend, Kei, it doesn't go well and she storms off. Kei hangs back though, and the two en..
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Love Lesson (Physical Book)
New! Physical Book
Artist: SOLA
As a kid, Kousuke had spent a lot of time with his older, next door neighbor Minoru and even promised to marry him in the future. Now years later, Minoru continues to take care of Kouske not just throughout the day, but also at night in the bedroom (even though the two aren't dating). But what will ..
Ex Tax:$22.00
Artist: Runrun
After having sex with Hinano last time, Yuki has taken a more relaxed approach to seducing her. Finally, the time comes, and Hinano takes the initiative to reach out to her… Will Yuki be able to make Hinano completely hers this time?..
Ex Tax:$8.95
Happy Nudist Beach (Physical Book)
New! Physical Book
Artist: Mira
A frisky lesbian looking to meet fellow singles escapes the woes of the pandemic by taking a vacation to a private beach where you can ditch the mask... and the swimsuit.For the Digital Version click here. ※ The product thumbnail is a 3D render and does not represent the finish or thicknes..
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Adventurers by Day, Secretly Training by Night (Physical Book)
New! Physical Book
Artist: Yukataro
What do you do when your local sex trap dungeon fucks you into submission before you reach the second floor? Easy! Gather your adventurer gal pals and grind (each other) for S.E.X.P.! Yukataro’s back and more frenetic than ever in the sequel to Adventurers by Day, Freaky Friends by Night! ..
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The Singleton and the Stud
New! Romance Centric
Artist: Nontaro Nonjiro
In this sweet yet steamy meet-cute story, singleton Azusa is enjoying an after-work drink at the bar when Kosuke -- a guy who happens to be exactly her cup of tea -- happens onto the scene. When it turns out Kosuke's been glancing across the bar at her, too, Azusa finds herself torn between her..
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Natation avec Sayaka (FRENCH)
New! Irodori Citron
Artist: Yoshu Ohepe
Yuuichi et sa copine Sayaka profitent d’une journée tranquille à la piscine municipale. Mais la natation n’est pas la seule passion de ces deux tourteraux…..
Ex Tax:$5.95
Artist: tomihero.
The lady isn’t initially impressed with her new obese partner, but she’s about to find out that all that meat packs a punch!..
Ex Tax:$5.25
Artist: Souryu
Just because it’s legal doesn’t make it ethical!..
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Dungeons & Dick
New! Irodori Sakura
Artist: Nikuo
Become the main character in this choose-your-own-adventure story! In it, you become Shutte, an imprisoned hero who is sent into a dungeon no one has ever returned from. As you explore, all sorts of sexy traps lie in wait to thwart your adventure! Can you make it down to the deepest depths or will y..
Ex Tax:$8.95
Artist: Shituzhi
Yui asks her teacher for advice, but ends up learning more than she anticipated!..
Ex Tax:$11.25
Artist: Takurowo
A compilation of Takurowo’s works published in 2022, including “Sexual Training Camp 2: Megu's Fall From Grace,” “Bewitched Reckoning: How I Turned My Bully Into a Succubus,” and two bonus comics!..
Ex Tax:$18.95
Artist: Deep Valley
Shouta’s sister, Takane, ends up agreeing to dating his childhood friend Hiromu for a month, so naturally, he doesn’t expect the relationship to go anywhere. But one day, he accidentally glances over at Takane’s phone…..
Ex Tax:$15.95
Artist: Saikura Noushu
Yumi’s mother finds out that Takeru and girls have been holding orgies in her home! Pent up with stress from work and being a single mother, she wants a taste of Takeru’s giant cock as well!..
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Un amour de ninja (FRENCH)
New! Irodori Citron
Artist: Nemu
Dans un monde de magie semblable au Japon ancestral la paix est maintenue par les chasseurs de démons, qui pourfendent les yōkai malfaisants cherchant à nuire aux humains. Fuyutsuki, une jeune noble issue d’une lignée de chasseurs de démons, vient tout juste d’achever une mission en compagnie de son..
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