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With an ever-expanding catalog, we're happy to announce we've added a “romance-centric” category to the Irodori Comics store.

This is for those of you that want a bit more romance and a splash of emotional tension in your lovey-dovey smut works.

Little Carnivores Crave Big Meat to Get Pregnant
Pre-Order Romance Centric
You may have heard rumors about the sex-maniac "Tiger Girl" or the well-hung "Suitman," but this story takes a step back to look at all of the memorable moments of their relationship; from awkward first meetings, to tender embraces, and from passionate love-making, to the trials of pregnancy and bey..
Ex Tax:$14.95
My Beloved Lady is a Vampire
Pre-Order Romance Centric
Author: Momonigiri
Jin thinks he's about to be sold to a cruel monster for food, but he ends up falling in love with Alissa, a beautiful but gloomy vampire. Jin is afraid to take their relationship beyond that of a servant and his Lady, but that's until he learns of Alissa's tragic past.....
Ex Tax:$8.95
Carnivores Make Sweet Lovers
New! Romance Centric
Stuck in a toxic relationship, both Mari and Tomohiro were attracted to each other, but couldn't seem to meet each other's needs... until they had one night of crazy, no-limits breakup sex. Their relationship starts to mend, but one day, Mari finds out that she's pregnant! See how their relationship..
Ex Tax:$13.25
Mariko and Nijiro 1
New! Romance Centric
Author: Rasen Kyofukaku
In a world just a little different from ours, Nijiro works tirelessly, only to come back to this small apartment exhausted. His life may be a drag, but that doesn't matter...because he has the cutest, more amazing (older) girlfriend in the world! Artist Statement:This is a story about the devil..
Ex Tax:$7.25
Sleeping Beauty and the Coffee Prince
New! Romance Centric
Author: Meyto
Hikari is an adult manga author shifting into the female-targeted erotic comics scene. Although she's doubtful that the handsome barista is fit to be her muse, she's about to be inspired by him through first-hand experience...!Artist StatementI wrote this in the hopes that it reaches creators like H..
Ex Tax:$10.95
Woes of a Futanari Princess -It Doesn’t Count as Sex If I Fuck My Servant's Ass as a Cock Sleeve!-
New! Romance Centric
Author: Rasen Kyofukaku
While being a futanari princess comes with a lot of perks and power, Lady Emily doesn't like how she wakes up with a raging boner every morning. She always has to ask her servant Clyde to get her off, but today's morning wood is particularly stubborn...!..
Ex Tax:$7.95
The Bond Between a Nerdy Omega and a Delinquent Alpha ~First Night~
Romance Centric
Author: Kodaka Kazuma
Kurumi is an omega who agrees to meet her potential alpha husband. Can an alpha who's rough around the edges and a nerdy omega be a fit for each other?Artist Statement: I've been drawing BL for around 30 years, but I've always wanted to draw a heterosexual couple. Omegaverse, Glasses Girl,..
Ex Tax:$8.25
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