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Rasen Kyofukaku

【Artist Introducton】

My name is Rasen Kyofukaku. I like drawing stories about guys being led on by cute girls. 
It's not easy to draw manga but I do enjoy drawing what I love. I hope you will all enjoy my works. 

I'd greatly appreciate if you will also follow me and support me on other platforms as well. 



Mariko and Nijiro 1
New! Romance Centric
Author: Rasen Kyofukaku
In a world just a little different from ours, Nijiro works tirelessly, only to come back to this small apartment exhausted. His life may be a drag, but that doesn't matter...because he has the cutest, more amazing (older) girlfriend in the world! Artist Statement:This is a story about the devil..
Ex Tax:$7.25
Woes of a Futanari Princess -It Doesn’t Count as Sex If I Fuck My Servant's Ass as a Cock Sleeve!-
New! Romance Centric
Author: Rasen Kyofukaku
While being a futanari princess comes with a lot of perks and power, Lady Emily doesn't like how she wakes up with a raging boner every morning. She always has to ask her servant Clyde to get her off, but today's morning wood is particularly stubborn...!..
Ex Tax:$7.95
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