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Taketa (Nanahoshi Tento)
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Alice in Impregnation Land
New! Romance Centric
When Alice wakes up after losing her memories, she finds herself in a magical forest. The guardian of the forest, Punitz, takes her in and discovers that she has an ability unique to females: to give birth to new life...
Ex Tax:$14.25
Carnivores Make Sweet Lovers
Romance Centric
Stuck in a toxic relationship, both Mari and Tomohiro were attracted to each other, but couldn't seem to meet each other's needs... until they had one night of crazy, no-limits breakup sex. Their relationship starts to mend, but one day, Mari finds out that she's pregnant! See how their relationship..
Ex Tax:$13.25
Little Carnivores Crave Big Meat to Get Pregnant
Romance Centric
You may have heard rumors about the sex-maniac "Tiger Girl" or the well-hung "Suitman," but this story takes a step back to look at all of the memorable moments of their relationship; from awkward first meetings, to tender embraces, and from passionate love-making, to the trials of pregnancy and bey..
Ex Tax:$14.95
Making Your Stud Cum Like a Girl
Romance Centric
How do you teach a lesson to your boyfriend who says he's an "S" when he's more of an "M"? You make him quiver in pleasure, you make him moan like a woman, and then you make him squirt!..
Ex Tax:$7.25
Sweet Discipline for the Pure Actress
Romance Centric
TV stars Rena and Rintarou have been dating behind the scenes for over an year now. When the busy performers finally find time to be alone together, they can’t take their hands off each other!..
Ex Tax:$9.25
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