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Kashiwagi Zonbi
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Artist Introduction

Nice to meet you, my name is Kashiwagi Zonbi. I mainly draw romance stories between MF couples. Irodori Comics is helping me publish my works overseas. I hope you will all enjoy it! 

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Accidentally in Love With a Crocodile-Man
New! Romance Centric
Artist: Kashiwagi Zonbi
In twenty-something Rion's world, the spotlight of the pop idol world has recently shifted from ordinary human stars to beastfolk stars -- people with some animal characteristics such as ears or tails. Rion is a beastfolk idol super-fan, and when she gets the chance to go on a date with a beastfolk ..
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Do Strong and Silent Guys Have Wet Dreams of Their Childhood Friends?
SALE! Romance Centric
Artist: Kashiwagi Zonbi
Gentaro strength is more than the average person, so he avoids mingling with others, except for his childhood friend, Natsumi. However, Gentaro had to move due to family reasons. What happens when they reunite in university and have a trial relationship?Artist StatementThis is my first Male-Female r..
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Overprotective Prince for a Failed Princess
Romance Centric
Artist: Kashiwagi Zonbi
Yumemi dreams of becoming one with a prince, but she finds herself at a host club drinking away her sorrows after a bad breakup. When Kiriya, her childhood friend, spots her in his club, he makes her realize her prince has always been by her side...
Ex Tax:$10.25
The Lone Wolf's Secret Main Dish
SALE! Romance Centric
Artist: Kashiwagi Zonbi
Dan fell for Lily the day she saved him in the forest. When the wolfman goes into heat, she agrees to let him take it out on her… but she seems oblivious to his true feelings...
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$9.00 $11.25
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