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Tonezato Honu
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Artist Introduction

Nice to meet you. I'm Tonezato Honu. I love to eat and I feel blessed every time I eat fast food. Being a mangaka is my passion and I've been drawing manga for over 10 years. 

Drawing manga isn't easy, but I feel proud and accomplished every time I'm done and it's in my hands. I feel this feeling of "This is my story". I'd like to do this forever and have all of you keep reading my works. Thank you always for your continued support.

I like to listen to Japanese Jazz Fusion and also enjoy games, anime, manga, and movies.

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Stealing Time Amidst the Hustle
New! Romance Centric
Artist: Tonezato Honu
A short and sweet volume that the author challenged themselves to create in the span of a week! This story features Ayame and Keiyu, who star in other Tonezato Honu works as well (although they are not necessarily all set in the same universe).In this volume it's date night for Ayame and Keiyu, but ..
Ex Tax:$5.95
Ms. Succubus Does Her Best
Romance Centric
Artist: Tonezato Honu
In this AU spin-off featuring characters from Tonezato Honu's other stories, Ayame's day is thrown into utter chaos when she saves a cute, bat-like creature...that turns out to be a demon, and thanks Ayame by turning her into a horned succubus!! She manages to clock in at work anyway, but then her a..
Ex Tax:$7.25
My Jealous Boyfriend and My Vibrator
Romance Centric
Artist: Tonezato Honu
One night when her boyfriend Keiyu isn't home, Ayame decides to experiment with using a vibrator, figuring it will kill time and help her fall asleep. What she didn't figure was that Keiyu had come home early, heard her talking out loud to a daydream of Keiyu while using the vibrator...and become su..
Ex Tax:$7.25
Teach Me How to Cum, Mr. Keiyu
Romance Centric
Artist: Tonezato Honu
Misunderstandings abound when the timid Ayame goes to her health teacher Mr. Keiyu for romance advice and he suggests learning how to orgasm as the best way to win a guy over. Between the after school vibrator lessons, his all-seeing brother the student council president, and her indecisive nature, ..
Ex Tax:$6.95
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