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Author: Kurosu Gatari
A prestigious school can't let its students have sex willy-nilly. That'd be irresponsible. Instead, it'll provide them with pre-approved, school-sanctioned gigolos...
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Author: Norigorou
Short comics, illustrations and extra goodies galore in this compilation for the full color series "Imaizumi Brings All The Gyarus To His House"!..
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Author: Anzayuu
Leticia's mother wants her to visit, so she brings Manabu with her. To Manabu's surprise, her mother could be another potential partner for him!..
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Author: Denchi
For the next step in Satoru's cuck training, Kaede invites her friend Sakico to help, as well as her "friend" Shingo to fuck. Time is running out, and if he doesn't learn how to control himself and please his girlfriend, Satoru might be stuck as a virgin cuck forever...
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Author: Tachibana Omina
Who knew that the key to saving Yuuto and Sae's troubled sex life was inviting a friend to join in!..
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Earth Girls: Harvest [Part One]
New! Irodori Sakura
Author: Mira
Mihri, Kidaha, and Djuna are battling it out over Katra, who still just wishes everyone didn't have to fight all the time. But when another wife steps up to test Kidaha's commitment, it prompts Katra to think about what in her life she deems most important...
Ex Tax:$16.25
Author: Kurumi Moka
Kasumi's private lessons with the vice-principal continue, but she's determined to prove that she's still capable of a normal relationship with her one true love. Surely her love is strong enough to resist that pervert, right?..
Ex Tax:$8.95
Author: Kamaboko
College freshman Jun happily unites with her favorite senior Momoka at the tennis club, but is devastated when she finds her naked and caressed by the other members. To save her from the sleazy men, Jun agrees to let them use her body instead. The training camp of humiliation begins.....
Ex Tax:$15.95
Author: MILF Shobou
Haruto has managed to nab the perfect stepmother. Little does his father know, that his wife has become his son's perfect obedient pet.*This work is only available at 3035x size. ..
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No Guard Wife 7
New! Irodori Aqua
Author: Yano Toshinori
Out for what was going to be an intimate date night, our favorite newlyweds run into one of Juri's former coworkers, Madoka. An evening of drunken chaos ensues, although with what turns out to be a rather a heartfelt twist. Afterwards, having missed the last train, Juri and Kouki find themselves boo..
Ex Tax:$5.45
Author: Shindou
A collection of loose-leaf manga that were distributed alongside Shindou's official releases of the Mating of Oni series from Comic Market conventions 90 to 97. This compilation includes bonus pages from the series plus additional original stories and sneak-peaks from Shindou's newer works!..
Ex Tax:$7.95
Author: Souryu
As Mako happily skips home after the best day EVER, she casually reveals that a face from Imada's past might be closer than he thinks!..
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Author: Nylon
It can be hard to be a member of the swim team with such large breasts getting in the way. Even choosing the right outfit is a challenge. Thankfully, the coach has some perfect ideas on what to do, and Saya's teammates are only too happy to help!Artist StatementHello everyone !! I'm Nylon. I love dr..
Ex Tax:$10.95
Author: Yumeki Banana
Kaori hits it off with one of the men from her threesome a while ago, and when he asks her out on a date, she enthusiastically agrees - with her husband's permission, of course. But Ryoya thinks they might be getting a bit too close.....
Ex Tax:$16.25
Author: Kuroe
Ririka’s boyfriend has a habit of making unreasonable requests, but she never expected him to ask her to get molested. Reluctantly, she boards a train and quickly finds herself fondled by multiple men. “If things go too far, my boyfriend will come and save me, won’t he…?”..
Ex Tax:$7.95
My Wife is an Oni 7
New! Irodori Aqua
Married life isn't always smooth sailing, as Tomoyuki finds out when Mitsuki has had just about enough of his late-night excursions at work. Thankfully, Tomoyuki has a kind-hearted senior at work willing to lend him an ear and help him realize that Mitsuki's love for him is far greater than any love..
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Author: Maimu Maimu
Now that Mommy has admitted to loving sex with her stepson, they're banging around the house non-stop! Eventually, the ultimate mark of their love takes shape.....
Ex Tax:$7.95
Author: Inato Serere
Timid Chiko is so scared of her boyfriend Ryoya rejecting her, she does anything he asks. Whether it be blowjobs at school, wearing a vibrator for a day, or even group sex, she reluctantly follows all his orders...
Ex Tax:$6.95
Author: Ginyou Haru
By day, Utano is an average, normal girl, busy with school and planning for the future, but little does everyone around her know that she has a secret life where she posts sexy pictures of herself online. And now that she's old enough, she's going to become a sugar baby and do lots of 'adult' to ear..
Ex Tax:$11.25
Sometimes all you need after a long day's work on a cold winter's day is a lonely woman with big tits and a thick ass to come home with you so you can warm each other up...
Ex Tax:$10.25
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