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Artist Statement: 

Hello, my name is Amatsusae, and I'm a Japanese doujinshi artist. 
I love to draw about anal. I hope you enjoy my works! 

Waiting at the Back Door
Author: Amatusae
Aoi always diligently waits for her boyfriend after class, but once in a while he's got to wait for her when she has... special after school activities. What dirty secret could she be hiding from poor Yuta?..
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Author: Amatusae
Yuna is a pure and innocent maiden, with one exception...she's totally hooked on playing with her back door! When her boyfriend finds out about her guilty pleasure, she decides to have him join the fun!Artist Statement: Hello, my name is Amatsusae, and I'm a Japanese doujinshi artist. I lo..
Ex Tax:$5.95
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