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Aonaga Haname
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Artist Introduction

Hello, my name is Aonaga Haname. I draw original BL works with realistic and fantasy elements. 

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A Young Mangaka's Love is Too Strong
SALE! Irodori Sakura
Artist: Aonaga Haname
Yukinari is an assistant to the popular manga artist, Miharu. The deadline is coming, but Miharu is always determined to make his crush cum first. What will happen when Miharu confronts Yukinari about his feelings?Artist StatementThis is my first full-color work. There might be some parts I could ha..
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Elf Boy Harem From Another World
SALE! Irodori Sakura
Artist: Aonaga Haname
Hayato’s a regular guy who escapes his doldrums with video games, and sometimes he finds himself wishing for a slice of adventure in the real world. But there was no way he could prepare himself for an elf boy named Nor warping to his apartment and demanding a place to stay! Feeling sorry for him, h..
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Elf Boy Harem From Another World 2
SALE! Irodori Sakura
Artist: Aonaga Haname
No sooner has Hayato settled into his life with the handsome otherworldly elf Nor than yet another one pops out of his mirror! This time, it’s a military advisor named Aile who happens to be an old friend of Nor’s and, like him, was exiled from his realm for political dissent. With nowhere else to g..
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Traveling Around on My Friends' Dicks
Irodori Sakura
Artist: Aonaga Haname
Arata’s a travel afficionado, but is tired of traveling alone. He searches online and finds a few guys who are into traveling too. They all agree to take a trip together and before he knows it, they’ve met up! After a few glasses of wine, Arata reveals that not only is he newly single, he used to da..
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