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Ayakawa Riku

Eyeing the Hot Elf in Another World 2
Author: Ayakawa Riku
Just when the days of having sex with the hero's hot elf girlfriend seemed to be coming to an end, the nice old man who gave me the evil eye dropped by and gave me a magic mirror! Now I can tease her, play with her, and have sex with her in all sorts of magical ways!..
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Author: Ayakawa Riku
When I got sent to another world, I ended up as a mere villager. And I didn't get any special powers. Maybe it's time I move on and enjoy myself a little by seducing this gorgeous elf chick...
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Author: Ayakawa Riku
For the most part, Yukino is happy with her boyfriend. However, with both of them having their own "performance issues," she asks her friend Natsuki if her boyfriend can help out.Artist Statement: Hello everyone! I hope you will enjoy this work, no matter where in the world you are from!&n..
Ex Tax:$8.25
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