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Chabashira Tatekichi
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Artist Introduction:

Hello, my name is Chabashira Tatekichi. I mainly draw smut work of gay men. 
Other than drawing manga, I also like to play video games and read manga for inspiration. I like to drink miso soup with nameko mushroom. 

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My Friend's Dad's a Hunk 7 -The Vacant House- (Part 1)
Irodori Sakura Pre-Order
It’s been weeks since their last rendezvous, and Takumi’s body aches for Yuusuke’s touch. When Yuusuke finally does contact him, Takumi immediately agrees to help Yuusuke clean a vacant house relatives will be moving into soon. They go in, and Yuusuke lays it out. He wants Takumi to aim for somethin..
Ex Tax:$7.25
My Friend's Dad's a Hunk 3 & 4
New! Irodori Sakura
Part 3 Synopsis:Yuusuke offers to show Akira and Takumi some “adult summer fun.” Curious, they agree…but find themselves at a public pool. While Akira is distracted with a girl, a kid runs off with Yuusuke’s bathing suit. Takumi fetches it and brings it to a waiting Yuusuke in a bathroom stall. Yuus..
Ex Tax:$5.95
My Friend's Dad's a Hunk 5
New! Irodori Sakura
Takumi accidentally bumps into Yuusuke while he’s out shopping. Seeing how much Takumi’s carrying, Yuusuke offers to give him a ride home. One thing leads to another and Takumi ends up lending Yuusuke a helping hand in securing a Christmas present while they’re parked in a parking garage. Yuusuke th..
Ex Tax:$7.95
My Friend's Dad's a Hunk 6
New! Irodori Sakura
It’s the Christmas special! Takumi works up the courage to ask Yuusuke for a romantic Christmas Eve dinner and he agrees. The day comes and Takumi is so pumped up, he shows up an hour early. An hour passes. Then another. Then a third, and finally a fourth. Yuusuke finally calls Takumi back, drunk as..
Ex Tax:$8.25
My Friend's Dad's a Hunk 1 & 2
Irodori Sakura
Takumi’s over at his friend Akira’s one day, and Akira asks him to make sure his dad, Yuusuke, isn’t asleep since he’s got an appointment. Takumi goes down to check and finds Yuuske passed out on the couch. Yuusuke is not only asleep, something’s almost on full display for the world to see. Takumi c..
Ex Tax:$6.25
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