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My name is Danimaru. I am a mangaka / illustrator. I usually draw R18 content. 
I'm happy that my officially localized works will be read and available for my foreign fans. 
I update a lot of content on my Twitter, Fanbox, and Fantia so make sure to follow me there too! 

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Author: Danimaru
Sousuke doesn't know if Kana, his junior at work, likes him. After work drinks end up revealing Kana's true feelings for her senior!Artist StatementI receive a lot of comments from my foreign fans but I never knew how I could deliver my work to them. Now, I'm able to publish my works in foreign lang..
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直到喝醉的後輩變得誠實之後 (CHINESE)
New! Irodori Feng-Li
Author: Danimaru
在公司裡總是很冷淡的學妹「青海」。  擔心沒辦法和她好好相處的學長「影井」邀請她去喝酒。  隨著幾杯黃湯下肚,青海的樣子越來越奇怪。  向影井告白其實她祕密地喜歡著他這件事。  看著混亂著的影井的青海,一邊說著:  「既然學長這麼不願意相信我…就讓我證明給學長看,我有多麼喜歡學長!」  一邊把影井帶去了賓館…!?  平常冷冰冰的學妹嬌羞全開向你索求的熱戀放閃性愛!!..
Ex Tax:$10.25
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