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Artist: Gagarinkichi
Kazuki's at the bottom of his class because he can't stop masturbating all the time, but maybe, with the right motivation from the MILF he lives with, he can turn things around...
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Artist: Gagarinkichi
There's a huge dick next door. He watches porn at full volume so that it echoes through the walls, says all sorts of sexually vulgar things, and makes passes at Megumi when he sees her. But even if she gets a little horny at times, I know she's too mature and refined to ever give in to a guy like th..
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Artist: Gagarinkichi
Hitomi lived a stale life with her unattentive husband until her nephew-in-law moved into their home. When she winds up in a sexual relationship with him, she discovers what real, passionate sex feels like!Artist Statement:I'm very happy to see my NTR works made officialy available in English! Pleas..
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Artist: Gagarinkichi
Having lost his job, Teppei and his beautiful wife, Elena, move back to the countryside to live with his uncle as they get back on their feet. Everything’s bigger in the countryside! The nature, the homes… and the meat…..
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Artist: Gagarinkichi
Akane’s husband runs into Hiroki, their childhood friend, but doesn’t know he also used to be Akane’s fuck buddy...
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Artist: Gagarinkichi
The work is long and hard, but this housewife is eager to please! Happily married for three years, Youko and Tomohiro Nitta are saving to have kids and start a family, but finances are tough. In order to help save up money, Youko takes a part-time job doing housekeeping work for a rich client, but s..
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