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Hiyori Hamster
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Artist Introduction

My name is Hiyori Hamster. I love boobs and pubes! I like to draw things that I find hot!

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Artist: Hiyori Hamster
Katou’s a total creep. He’s into the hottest girl at college, Kaori Miura, but since they don’t have any classes together, he’s out of luck. That’s why he decides to start snatching her clothes when she’s not looking and sniffing them as he jacks off. Just as he tells himself he could be more carefu..
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Artist: Hiyori Hamster
The year is 20XX. Thanks to a mysterious virus, humanity can only produce 10% of the baby boys that it used to. For Yuuya Mikami, it means his university is filled with girls and he’s one of the only guys. It also means he has his pick of any girl he wants because everyone wants his dick!..
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Artist: Hiyori Hamster
Yuuya’s still enjoying the fact that he’s one of few men left in the world. After conquering Momoka’s heart and body, he realizes that Yua’s also down for some dick. Turns out, she’s a great lay. When both girls come over a few days later, it turns into one giant fuckfest…..
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Artist: Hiyori Hamster
Yuuta’s desperate for a girlfriend. So when he picks up on this girl who appears to be tailing him wherever he goes, he decides now’s the time to stop avoiding it and confront her! When he does…...
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