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Hoshitani Kyo
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Artist Introduction

Nice to meet you, my name is Hoshitani Kyo. I draw adult manga. Please follow my Twitter or Pixiv to keep up to date with info about new releases. I hope you will enjoy my work.

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Breeding the Soft Hunk
Irodori Sakura
Artist: Hoshitani Kyo
Asahi’s the shining star of the campus… Until he isn’t. He’s got a dirty secret that only Seigo knows about and can fulfill for him...
Ex Tax:$5.25
Dangerous Delinquents in Dicey Sitches
Irodori Sakura
Artist: Hoshitani Kyo
Ootori’s a bad boy who skips classes and Kurusu’s an honors student. Ootori can’t deal though when Kurusu finds out what gets him going. Meanwhile Riku’s gotta make up for what some of his previous underlings' mistakes… with his body!..
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$8.33 $9.25
Ex Tax:$8.33
Tickling a Prideful Spy to Continuous Climax
SALE! Irodori Sakura
Artist: Hoshitani Kyo
A spy has been captured by a member of an evil organization. Though he is determined to withstand any interrogation that may be in store for him, is he truly prepared to be tickled until he loses all self-control?Artist StatementI drew this work after a reader requested that I draw a "tickle play" w..
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$8.37 $11.95
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Trouble in Yakuza Paradise
SALE! Irodori Sakura
Artist: Hoshitani Kyo
Ryouta’s the son of the head of a Yakuza group with a super-cute girlfriend. He’s not involved in his father’s business dealings, but when members of a rival group show up looking for revenge, Ryouta soon learns it’s not his girlfriend who’s in for a hard time, but him…..
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