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I mainly draw BL works. I like to draw guys blusing and love seeing guys blush. 

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BL Miscalculation: No Studying Was Done That Day.
Irodori Sakura Pre-Order
Author: Ichi
Hirono and Akiyama have been spending the past two days cramming for an upcoming test by studying together at the latter’s house. On day three, Akiyama’s parents are away, and it seems like an ideal setup… but Hirono seems more interested in his textbook than his randy boyfriend. Is he waiting for A..
Ex Tax:$6.95
BL Miscalculation: 5 Seconds to Impact!
New! Irodori Sakura
Author: Ichi
Before Akiyama makes a fatal mistake and ends up making a move on his friend Hirono, one has to wonder how the two polar opposites became friends in the first place--and how that friendship turned into budding feelings on Akiyama’s part.Artist StatementThis is a story about guys having fun. I hope y..
Ex Tax:$5.25
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