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Artist: Itaoitsuko
After two floozies steal everything he has in his wallet, the protagonist decides to get revenge the sexy way...
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Falling for the Neighborhood Creep
Artist: Itaoitsuko
Rika is a married woman that's grossed out by a certain tall introvert she meets every morning at the dump. After getting caught in the rain one day, she seeks shelter at a nearby park only for the introvert to come across her. Something says that her clothes won’t be the only things getting wet her..
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Problem Solving Massage!
Artist: Itaoitsuko
Yuiko has gained a bit of weight and feels like her body is starting to go. With her husband's fascination with younger women, how is she supposed to keep up? Fortune crosses her path as she's introduced to Dr. Yoshimaru and his unique massage techniques. The session gets pretty intense but it's the..
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