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Artist Introduction

I draw "happily ever after" stories with male-female couples. I love themes like big breasts, master-servant relationship, and fantasy! 

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The Vampire Brothers’ Beloved Maid
New! Romance Centric
Artist: Momonigiri
Eleanora was taken in by a pair of gentlemanly vampires when ran away from her orphanage. Since then she has had a peaceful life working as their maid. Now that she’s finally an adult, she wants donate her blood to her saviors, but she discovers that vampire bites come with a certain symptom…..
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My Beloved Lady is a Vampire
SALE! Romance Centric
Artist: Momonigiri
Jin thinks he's about to be sold to a cruel monster for food, but he ends up falling in love with Alissa, a beautiful but gloomy vampire. Jin is afraid to take their relationship beyond that of a servant and his Lady, but that's until he learns of Alissa's tragic past...Artist StatementThis is my fi..
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