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Onizuka Chris
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Artist Introduction

Hello, my name is Onizuki Chris. I love to draw sexy ladies and I usually release my works on Fantia in Japan each week.

Please make sure to follow my social media to keep up to date with my works!

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Artist: Onizuka Chris
Kyoka and her husband are taking a big step tonight. They’re going to try streaming their sex to make a bit of extra money. Kyoka’s certainly cute enough to bring in the views, but she’ll have to get over her shyness if she really wants to rake in the donations...
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Artist: Onizuka Chris
Saya heads to the Takanashi residence after Kyoka skips out on work without any sort of contact. Fully expecting to be ignored, she knocks on the door… And is surprised to find Kyoka answering the door. Kyoka drags her into the Takanashi household and proposes that they finally find out who Hayato l..
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Artist: Onizuka Chris
Kyoka’s job can be pretty difficult. With tight deadlines and so many people to manage, getting home at a decent time can be a real challenge. When someone at the office finds out that Kyoka’s streaming her intimate sessions with hubby online, things get even more complicated. Looks like hubby’s goi..
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Artist: Onizuka Chris
While on a study trip, Kyoka wants to spend all of her free time with her lover. Little does she know that an old friend of hers happens to catch the two of them in the act. He manages to worm his way right into the middle of the relationship, with Kyoka’s boyfriend watching from the sidelines while..
Ex Tax:$10.95
Artist: Onizuka Chris
Seven short stories about slutty girls with secrets! From popular ladies to gyaru to sporty chicks, everyone at this academy has something to hide…Artist StatementI received a lot of messages from my fans to release an English version of my work, so I asked Irodori Comics to help me with that. I h..
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Artist: Onizuka Chris
After watching Hayato have sex with Saya, Kyouka is conflicted… Trapped between it making her feel awful and it turning her on. Finally, she can’t take it any more and acts on her jealousy…..
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Artist: Onizuka Chris
Hayato has a crush on his classmate, Saya. However, he decides not to confess after hearing a rumor that she was dating another guy. Time passes, and he falls in love with a beautiful woman named Kyouka, marrying her. However, after Saya gets a job at the same place as Kyouka, the two girls hit it o..
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Artist: Onizuka Chris
Minori Nanase is a noobie teacher who starts dating one of her students after he confesses to her. However, she is blissfully unaware that one of her colleagues has had his eyes on her. That very same colleague then proceeds to teach her a valuable lesson about student-teacher relationships...
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