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Poki no Ie
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Artist Statement: 

Chinpoki: My name is Chinpoki. I'm the artist for our circle. I'm really happy that our work is going to be read by people all over the world! There will be more pretty girls showing up in the sequels! 

Pochikin: I'm the writer, Pochikin. I hope you will all enjoy this work. Please support our works! 

Next Life Sex Hero 1
Artist: Poki no Ie
Ugly and unloved, Satou never had much luck in bed his whole life. Until he died, that is. Now, with the help of a sexy goddess, he's got a handsome new body and a whole world of beautiful women in need of rescuing... through impregnation!Artist Statement: Chinpoki: My name is Chinpoki. I'm the..
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Next Life Sex Hero 2
Artist: Poki no Ie
While adjusting to his new life as a sexual savior, Sakarin comes across a big-breasted elf in desperate need of sexual salvation from her unloving husband. However, that only leads to a trio of cat-girl assassins on his tail… and his dick!..
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Artist: Poki no Ie
Impregnating an entire world is a hard job, especially when the memories of your former life haunt your dreams and give you second thoughts, but maybe the hero Sakarin can conquer his demons with the with the help of a goddess-possessed nun and his favorite succubus maid...
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Artist: Poki no Ie
With firm resolve, a hard cock, and a new mission, our hero Sakarin heads to a neighboring country with his cat girl companions to offer his aid. The aid? Impregnating as many women as possible, of course. However, he may have his hands full with not only cat girls, but fox girls, tanuki girls, and ..
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