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How My Room Became a Delinquent Hangout Spot 2
Author: Rama
The sequel to Rama’s “How My Room Became a Delinquent Hangout Spot”.It's starting to get on Mari's nerves how her delinquent friend Anna Kisaragi is constantly getting laid, but maybe there's a solution that will make everybody happy.....
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Author: Rama
Yoh Ueno gets more than he bargained for when Kisaragi, the class delinquent, starts hanging out at his apartment because of a shared love for video games. Things start heating up when the two begin "punishing" each other for losing, and the "punishments" quickly take a sexual turn.....
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Author: Rama
Yui has a bad habit of letting others walk all over her. She especially can't refuse Uchida's raunchy requests...Artist Statement: Nice to meet you. My name is Rama. This is my first work to be published overseas. To think that a story I worked on alone in my room can now be read offi..
Ex Tax:$10.25
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