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Author: Sashimi
Shiori has been looking forward to her hot springs trip with her hubby all week, but it all goes south when they just "happen" to run into their neighbors at the inn.Artist Statement: Working on NTR titles, I often get a lot of messages of encouragement from foreign fans. I actually get more me..
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Author: Sashimi
Mayumi begrudgingly sleeps with one her coworkers in order to satisfy her husband's newly-found netorase fetish, but she gets a lot more than she bargained for and has a mind-blowing time of her life. After experiencing thrills like that, who does her heart and body belong to anymore...?..
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Author: Sashimi
Saori's husband was away for a long time on business. Now that he's back, it's time for a family vacation! When Saori gets injured on the beach, she's fortunate that a lifeguard just happens to be nearby. He's more than happy to take care of all her needs until she forgets about her husband and chil..
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