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Artist Introduction

My name is Shikabanekamo. I like girls who have something unique about them. Please support my work. I tend to post WIP images on my socials so make sure to follow me there!

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Artist: Shikabanekamo
Reito and Nao drown themselves in pleasure as they greedily crave one another. When summer comes to an end though, it’s time for their secret relationship to end. Reito hates it and wonders just how he can get her back…..
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Gender Bending Pandemic
Artist: Shikabanekamo
Please seek medical help if you have any of these symptoms of the GB virus: fever, sweats, or newly grown perky breasts and a vagina instead of a penis. If you wake up and find yourself turned into a cute woman, the only known treatment at this time is to have sex with one of your guy friends.Artist..
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Artist: Shikabanekamo
Riria is at the top of her class at the succubus academy. She’s ready to make her mark on the world, but needs to pass the graduation exam. Her target is far more stubborn than she initially expects but she’s not going to let that stop her. As a succubus, it’s up to her to teach mortals their place ..
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Railing My Hot Aunt
Artist: Shikabanekamo
Reito’s aunt, Nao, is hot. When she presses him one day about a girlfriend, Reito mentions that he’s busy studying for university. Nao cracks a joke about how he has no game and should practice on her… but then that joke goes from a hypothetical to reality…..
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