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Shikakui Kuromaru
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Artist Statement

I'm finally able to release my work in English! I put my heart into my works so I hope you will all enjoy it. 
For commercial manga, I release works under the pen name "Marui Shiro". When I draw doujinshi, I like to draw stories about BL in fantasy settings. 
I love drawing tall pretty boy bottoms. I spend my days reading official tweets from the Pomupomupurin Twitter account to get my wholesome content fix. 



聽神旨意就對了 神明大人把處男吃乾抹淨,寵愛又色色的脫處故事 (CHINESE)
New! Irodori Feng-Li
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Obey Your God
Irodori Sakura
A local deity who needs to absorb spirit energy from injections of men's semen finds some fresh prey in a young man whose vigor betrays his meek demeanor.Artist Statement: This is my first official English release! I hope you all enjoy it! ..
Ex Tax:$6.95
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