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Artist: Shimoshi
Minagi seems like a gyaru with a wild side, but she’s actually a principled girl who’s attached at the hip with her nerdy childhood hero Kamii. But she’s not completely innocent: After an unfortunate encounter with her ex, she’s forced to come to grips with twisted passions that she fights desperate..
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Artist: Shimoshi
When Mitsuki realizes that her fellow literature club member's novel was based on her, she decides to give the author more inspiration...
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Artist: Shimoshi
Wakaya and Tsukiho have been close friends for years and years, so it's only natural that they eventually started dating. Tsukiho is like a big sister to her Wakaya but while she's always happy to tend to his needs, she has some urges of her own that she's keeping buried down below. Fortunately for ..
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