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【Artist Introduction】

I draw stories where women take the lead. I love sweets and heavymetal. These two are essential for me to draw manga. 



How I Became My Strict Boss's Pet
Artist: Starling-chan
Riki’s boss is always getting on his case about little mistakes he makes in his work…but it’s all an excuse to call him into her office for some “discipline.”..
Ex Tax:$8.95
Playing With a Proper Butler
New! Romance Centric
Artist: Starling-chan
Eliza’s dutiful and humorless butler Sylvan has never smiled as long as she’s known him. When she sees him blushing after he walks in on her in the bath, though, she becomes determined to tease and fluster him more until he admits his feelings for her...
Ex Tax:$10.95
Artist: Starling-chan
It seemed like a good plan. Walk the quiet girl with huge tits home and get her to have sex with me. Then she turned into a succubus. Now, instead of worrying about losing my virginity, I'm worried about having every last drop of cum sucked out of me! Oh, and did I mention she has a sister?Artist St..
Ex Tax:$8.95
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