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Artist Introduction

I love hentai. My works often involve dudes in very unfortunate situations.

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Feminized Cum Dumps on Duty
Artist: Takashi
Tamaki is part of the Department of Sexual Relief at his new company along with his busty senior Sayuri. But how did the two feminine salarymen end up in their positions in the first place…?..
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Artist: Takashi
Tagiri’s pretty aloof when it comes to love and is unfazed when his dad’s getting railed by different men in front of him every day. But there’s one special man who gets Tagiri all hot and flustered…..
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Cuck Loser Rescue Operation
Artist: Takashi
With the number of cucks on the rise in society, the government decides to step in and help with a program…Artist StatementI always thought hentai doujinshi can only be sold in Japan. So being able to partner up with Irodori Comics and sell my works all over the world is great!..
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