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Tamai Moko
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Artist Introduction:

Hello everyone, my name is Tamai Moko. I have a 23 page-sample of "Housewife Delivery" on my Pixiv in Japanese if you would like to check it out. If you like my manga, please buy the English version and support my work. Thank you !

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Artist: Tamai Moko
Yuka returns to her customer's place for some payback and to end things between them once and for all. Just when she thinks she managed to turn the tables, the tables turn again.....
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Housewife Delivery
Artist: Tamai Moko
Yuka Kikuchi starts working as a delivery lady to earn money to support her hospitalized husband, but one particular customer offers to pay her extra cash under the table to take care of his “package”… Artist Statement You can find a lot of porn and hentai about delivery services ..
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