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Artist Introduction: 

I love NTR and girls having sex in cosplay. I always make sure to draw works that have these themes in it. 


No Longer Just My Tomboy Friend
Author: Tiranu
Yuuto and Rin have been best friends for years. They think of each other as family. Though their true feelings run even deeper, neither one of them is willing to open up about it. Rin’s never really shown off her girlish side, but a fellow member of the track team is more than happy to help her tap ..
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Author: Tiranu
Marina hates her home tutor, but all it takes to convince her to make love to him is a little love spell from a mysterious app!..
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Author: Tiranu
Mayu has the perfect relationship with her boyfriend Riku. The pair are so short that their classmates even dubbed them "the miniature couple." But Riku's father is nothing like his mild-mannered son. Strong, intimidating, and physically huge, he has his eye on Mayu... and she won't be able to deny ..
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