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Tsukino Jyogi

Author: Tsukino Jyogi
Other than her daily habit of pleasuring herself, Ms. Yamauchi lives the average life of a housewife. That is until one of her packages is misdelivered to her neighbor.....
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Author: Tsukino Jyogi
Housewife Misako just wants a quiet life, but her peace is disrupted when her husband invites his coworker home for drinks...Artist Statement: Nice to meet you all. My name is Tsukino Jyogi. Thanks to Irodori Comics, my doujinshi are now available in English, and uncensored. for those of you al..
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Author: Tsukino Jyogi
Masato's aunt agrees to wear a swimsuit in front of her nephew, but she didn't expect it to put his teenage lust into overdrive!..
Ex Tax:$6.95
Author: Tsukino Jyogi
These two middle-aged housewives are in for more than suntans and snorkeling when they take a vacation to a tropical island without their husbands. The young guys eyeing up their beautiful bodies are going to make sure they're begging for an extension of their pleasure trip by the time the guys done..
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