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Artist Statement 

My name is Utsutsu Minoru. My foreign fans have always been asking for an official English release of my work, so I'm happy to finally release it! 
I tend to draw stories about NTR. I hope you will all enjoy it! 

Author: Utsutsu*Minoru
Kengo has a magic ability to sway people’s hearts and influence their actions. Wanting to find out more about why his new girlfriend Risa Takase quit the track team, he uses it on her and uncovers her secret past — a passionate relationship with her former track coach...
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Author: Utsutsu*Minoru
Hiroki reluctantly lets his girlfriend Akira go to a drinking party with a male acquaintance, but is haunted by the idea of her sleeping with him. Yet, when his paranoia is the perfect source of inspiration for his NTR comics, should he really stop her from hanging out with the man?Artist Statement&..
Ex Tax:$7.95
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