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Artist Introduction

Hello, my name is Wamuko. 

I've been suffering from Tenosynovitis for over 15 years and was giving up on becoming a mangaka, but I didn't want to live my life with regrets, so I quit my job a few years ago and have been making a living as a mangaka since then. 

Porn has always been a way for me to escape the harsh realities of life, and I hope that the erotic content that I create will help someone out there as well.

Ain't hentai amazing? 

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Artist: Wamuko
The fun continues at the condo complex, where a single man seems to have his pick of just about any woman he likes. This time around, his eyes have landed on Misato. Her quiet, stylish demeanor has earned her a number of admirers, but it’s Mr. Taneta who manages to win her heart and her body!..
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Dirty Fantasies About a Naughty Gyaru
Artist: Wamuko
A group of boys just can’t stop themselves from fantasizing about Yukime...
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$5.80 $7.25
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Falling in Love with My Simp
Artist: Wamuko
Since the day they met, Ikumi has been in love with Renji. So much in love that she spent two years studying, dieting, and masturbating to his memory after he graduated. But now that she can finally see him again on her first day at university, she may find she's not the only one who was simping har..
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Artist: Wamuko
Touki’s mother has finally found a new husband and he’s got a daughter to bring into the family. She certainly seems cute from the photographs he’s seen of her, but he wonders how he can hold up in her eyes. As for Hina, she just wants to be loved and pampered after spending so much time alone. How ..
Ex Tax:$7.95
Artist: Wamuko
At this particular housing complex, all of the condos are occupied by women. There is, however, a single exception. One man lives among the gorgeous beauties and seems to have a free pass to use anyone he likes thanks to a genetic gift. On her way to the office, Mina encounters the man and they soon..
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Artist: Wamuko
Arata is the assistant of a manga artist who he’s in love with. He takes the opportunity one day to take his “assisting” to the next level… with a little help from cosplay!..
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