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Yamato Hotaru
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Artist Introduction

Nice to meet you I'm Yamato Hotaru. I mainly draw romance-centric works with Tsundere girls and hot dudes. I love that pairning. My dream is to have a world full of Tsundere girls. Please follow my Twitter, Pixiv, and Instagram to keep up to date with my latest work. I also have a FANBOX that I update semi-regularly.

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Maria XX Maid 2
New! Romance Centric
Artist: Yamato Hotaru
Maria’s conditioning to serve as Meru’s obedient and slutty maid escalates as the feisty former nun has her first encounter with a cock…..
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Maria XX Maid
SALE! Romance Centric
Artist: Yamato Hotaru
Maria, a feisty, headstrong sister, finds herself betrayed by the church and sold off to a rich man named Meru. Will she be able to maintain her dignity even when made to serve as his maid, or will he manage to break her will?Artist Statement I'm so happy that my "Maria XX Maid" series is getti..
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