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Pure Scheming Slut 2
Author: Achumuchi
They call her the man slayer, and the next man Kyaru's planning on sucking dry is Yusuke. Like mother, like daughter, as they say. And with every part of her thicc body made for pleasuring dicks and draining all of their cum, he's going to wish they were still just gaming buddies as he fights for hi..
Ex Tax:$12.25
只有好色這點的惡女 (CHINESE)
New! Irodori Feng-Li
Author: Achumuchi
Ex Tax:$8.95
Author: Achumuchi
No friends. No girlfriend. Miserable job. The only joy in Yusuke's life is the game he plays on his phone. One day, he decides to meet up with his group-mates in real life, only to find three sexy women. One of them asks him to come over to practice playing, but Yusuke might be in store for a differ..
Ex Tax:$8.95
Author: Achumuchi
After losing his virginity to her, Yusuke can't stop thinking about Nene, to the point that his dick is hard non-stop. On the other side, Nene is undergoing some changes herself, and maybe she can help him with his growing problem.....
Ex Tax:$5.95
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