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Arima Kouichi

Author: Arima Kouichi
The school's got a legendary problem student, Yuri Takanashi, and it's up to newbie teacher Nozomi Yamane to set her straight! The only problem is... he's a total push-over. And now Yuri's shown up to her guidance meeting with a lesson plan of her own for this virgin teacher!..
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Author: Arima Kouichi
Itsuki lives in a big house all on his own. One day, a foreign girl starts living at his house and things get steamy in the bathroom. Itsuki's childhood friend catches them in the act, and to Itsuki's surprise, she joins in on the fun!..
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Author: Arima Kouichi
A P.E. coach is shocked when the cool, composed swimmer Tsukishima approaches him requesting he teach her all he knows about sex. Despite her antisocial leanings, she turns out to be an eager student and a fast learner when it comes to the art of lovemaking!..
Ex Tax:$7.25
Author: Arima Kouichi
As summer break starts to wrap up, school life is gradually returning to normal. Tsukishima, on the other hand, is still insatiable, and her physical relationship with Hayama continues. When he gets asked out to dinner by his cute coworker, he enthusiastically accepts, only to have Tsukishima show u..
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