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Asami Aozora

BDSM with My Childhood Friend
Author: Asami Aozora
When Kana finds a naughty book under her childhood friend's bed, she offers to fulfill his fetish as a joke, but what happens when he takes it seriously?..
Ex Tax:$6.95
Author: Asami Aozora
What would you do if you found a runaway girl on the way home? She doesn't have anywhere to go and it's getting late...
Ex Tax:$6.95
Author: Asami Aozora
Takamiya loves to tease her senpai, whether it's his gloomy demeanor, or his lack of friends. But one day, she decides to tease him in another way: by flashing her panties. Maybe Takamiya wants something more than teasing...Artist Statement:Nice to meet you all. My name is Asami Aozora. Thank you fo..
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Author: Asami Aozora
Yuuta's never seen the hot new transfer student hang out with anyone. He thought he'd never have a chance with the quiet and distant girl, but he gets more than he bargained for after walking in on her one day after school...
Ex Tax:$7.25
Author: Asami Aozora
Timid and lonely Mika Fujita goes on a beach date with her first-ever boyfriend, Yuuta. Mika has the happiest time of her life, but asks to sleep in separate rooms at the hotel. Once she steps into her room, she finds a smirking old man waiting for her.....
Ex Tax:$5.95
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