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Ayuma Sayu

Author: Ayuma Sayu
Liath is your typical girl-next-door: cute, bubbly, a little clingy... a succubus. You know, the usual. But for modern-day succubi like her who can feed off of human feelings of embarrassment instead of sucking out their life essence directly, things become dire when her boy-toy tries to give her th..
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Author: Ayuma Sayu
Liath's fixation for her senior in high school began innocently enough: he approached her out of concern after seeing her sitting by herself just outside their apartment complex. But it wasn't long before he realized that she was actually a succubus that could feed off of human feelings of embarrass..
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Author: Ayuma Sayu
It's Halloween! The mischievous little succubus, Rias, is at it again! She's here to play a little trick on her beloved neighbor. What's going to happen when he pulls on the string attached to her hood...?  Complete, with extra side story about Riko, the cute little twintails maid!..
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Author: Ayuma Sayu
Liath and her senpai go on a movie date but what happens when they meet senpai's upperclassman who's so pretty and mature? Time for Plan D, Fun in the Ladies' Room where Liath teases her senpai in more than one place down there...
Ex Tax:$7.95
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