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Author: bose
Three horny schoolgirls, one guy in the wrong place at the right time, and... literal mind-fucking!? Set in the same universe as Time Witch by Bose, this is the story of three girls with psychic abilities and the utterly depraved ways they use them to torture one (lucky?) fella!..
Ex Tax:$6.25
Author: bose
When a series of serial sploogers take the school by storm, they call in the big guns—the resident high school detective! He has his eye on a prime suspect, but unluckily for him, this witch has nothing but "time" on her hands.....
Ex Tax:$5.95
Author: bose
When an untouchable CEO can't keep his hands to himself on the commuter train, it's up to Time Witch Kiria Mikuni to arrest him herself! Can she convince this cocksure CEO to concede defeat? Nothing is impossible when you have all the time in the world.....
Ex Tax:$6.25
Author: bose
Kiria Mikuni is back to lay the smack-down on another peon of the power-hungry patriarchy! Her latest prey is more...diminutive than her other marks, but she can still knock him down to size!..
Ex Tax:$7.25
Author: bose
Mothers and fathers warn their sons of a forest-dwelling demon who will devour them if they lose their way. But luckily for our lost hero in this story, every fairy tale has a happy ending!The fifth entry in bose's Project Femdom multiverse, following Time Witch 3 and Paraphilia of Sensation. (Keep ..
Ex Tax:$7.95
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