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Covered in Milk FL

Covered in Milk FL
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Based on the commercial manga “Covered in Milk” by the same author, Arisa and Botan make their vows and pledge to be the protagonist’s sex slaves filled to the brim with semen. Seven years later, four more voluptuous, heavy chested girls join his harem. Will they resist the temptations, or succumb to pleasure, just as Arisa and Botan did before them? 
  • Author: Fukuyama Naoto
  • Pages: 47
  • Japanese Title: ミルクまみれFL
  • Romaji Title: MILK MAMIRE FL
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* The contents of this work is a work of fiction. All characters depicted herein are at least 18 years of age despite creative liberties on the part of the author that may suggest otherwise. This work is not intended for sale to minors.
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