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Cuck Manga J&W

Author: Cuck Manga J&W
When a reformed gyaru's husband racks up a ridiculous debt, she decides to square the books by taking matters into her own hands... and mouth... and, well, various other holes. But sometimes the dick is so makes a good wife want to be bad again!..
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Author: Cuck Manga J&W
There are rumors all around campus about the "gorilla." They say he only goes after girls with big breasts, and they say that once he gets a hold of your girl, she becomes a total cock slave. Hajime Satou is determined not to let his girlfriend Ayaka fall into the gorilla's clutches, but that may be..
Ex Tax:$12.95
Author: Cuck Manga J&W
Arisa's crazy about Sho, so she's devastated when he breaks up with her due to issues in the bedroom. Good thing his pal Daigo is happy to show her what she's been missing!..
Ex Tax:$10.25
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